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When you were learning to drive, hopefully the person teaching you explained not just how to control the vehicle, but how to maintain it as well. A big part of maintaining a vehicle is making sure to have the oil changed on a regular basis. This quick chore might not seem like a big deal, but having your oil changed is the number one way to make sure your car stays running exactly like you’d expect. So when you need the very best oil change in Winston-Salem, NC, bring your vehicle to the experts at Twin City Automotive.

Oil Change Winston-Salem NC

When you drive you vehicle, the engine under the hood generates an immense amount of friction and heat. The oil in your engine lubricates its moving parts and helps keep them cool and friction-free. Over time, the heat and friction break down the oil, and to keep the engine running smoothly, it will need to be replaced. In most cars, an oil change is required every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, and sticking with this schedule will ensure that you are never driving with worn or deteriorated oil in your engine. Doing so can cause major damage and even full lock-up, so when you need an oil change in Winston-Salem, NC, bring your vehicle to the team of oil change experts at Twin City Automotive.

Auto Maintenance Winston-Salem NC

Though the oil change is the most important preventative maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle, it is far from the only service we provide here at Twin City Automotive. If it is a part of your vehicle, our team offers a service for it, from brakes and engine to AC and exhaust. We also perform the essential 30/60/90k milestone services nearly every car will eventually need. If you are serious about keeping up with your car’s preventative maintenance, bring your vehicle to us and we will make sure you are up to date on everything!

Oil Change Near Me

When you want the best oil change in Winston-Salem, NC, bring your vehicle to the team of experts at Twin City Automotive. We will get you in and out in a hurry, and most drivers report that their cars drive better after an oil change. So if it has been longer than you can remember since your last oil change in Winston-Salem, NC, the team at Twin City Automotive is here to help!

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