There are some vehicle issues that are easy to diagnose. These may only require a quick look or listen to know exactly what is going on. But as modern vehicles have progressed in terms of engineering and innovation, it has become increasingly difficult to pinpoint a problem simply based on sight or sound. That being said, these innovations have also greatly improved the performance and efficiency of modern day vehicles. At Twin City Automotive, our team of automotive experts is dedicated to staying abreast of all the latest auto repair innovations so that we can provide the most accurate vehicle diagnostics in Winston-Salem, NC

Check Engine Light Winston-Salem NC

The check engine light is one of the best indicators that something is amiss in your vehicle. Today’s vehicles come equipped with an on board computer system that controls and connects all the major systems and components in your vehicle. It is also tasked with motoring those systems and alerting you when there is trouble, by illuminating the check engine light.

When your check engine light comes on it is possible that it could be something as minor as needing to tighten your gas cap. It could also mean deeper trouble. While we never recommend that you panic, you should get your vehicle to a rusted mechanic as soon as you can. If your check engine light is flashing, however, you should find a safe place to pull over and call for help.

Vehicle Diagnostics Winston-Salem NC

When you come to Twin City Automotive for vehicle diagnostics, we will start with a computer scan, but that’s not where the process ends. As helpful as vehicle scans are, they simply tell us where the problem is, it takes a skilled automotive expert to then take that information and inspect the vehicle further in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. Once we know the actual problem and the source of the problem, we will walk you through the process so you know what to expect. And we will never perform repairs that haven’t been approved by you.

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

For the most accurate vehicle diagnostics Winston-Salem, NC, has to offer come by and see the team at Twin City Automotive today.

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